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Using Biogas to Achieve our Zero Carbon Target

Methane is produced from decomposition of organic matter at landfills, waste water treatment facilities and from agricultural production. The methane can be collected and used as biogas for generation of electricity, production of heat or as a transport fuel. ETS offers a full portfolio of equipment to clean and store biogas, so that biogas can be safely used or disposed of.


Why ETS?

Since 2003, we have been working in the biogas industry in China and Europe, witnessing the ups and downs in this industry. We have been involved in many biogas projects in Aisa and Europe.ETS aims to bring the experience to NZ, so that we can be better prepared for the new wave of renewable energy.  

With good understanding of biogas technologies, and well established relationship with key equipment suppliers, you can rest assured that ETS will handpick the most reliable and economic products to meet your needs.


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