Biogas Dryer

Remove humidity and condensate

Cool dry flare skid.jpg

Cool dry flare skid.jpg

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cool dry skematic.png

Cooler & dryer

Biogas is saturated with water vapor. It will produce condensate along the pipeline. if the condensate gets into the biogas consumer, especially biogas engine, it will cause severe damage. 

By cooling the biogas, most water vapor will be condensated and separated in the following condensate pot (knock out drum). The relative humility is then reduced as the biogas temperature increases with the biogas blower. The risk of condensate entering the biogas engine is eliminated. 


Condensate Pot

Biogas is saturated with water vapor. As the biogas cools down along the pipeline, condensate will gradually build up at the lowest spot, which leads to blockage. If the biogas pipe is blocked, the overpressure within the biogas system will potentially trigger a series of disastrous consequence. 

To reduce the blockage , several condensate pot needs to be placed along the pipe. The water seal will ensure that no biogas will escape, and the level indicator will remind the operator to drain the condensate from time to time. 

Inline condensate pot

In place where space is limited, the smaller inline condensate pot can be used. the dimensions can be customised.


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