Biogas flare

FA II Emergency flare

Simple and reliable

In case of excessive biogas, or equipment malfunction or during maintenance period, an emergency flare is always necessary. 

FA II is simple solution to ensure no biogas discharge to the atmosphere. It is equipped with flame detection, automatic ignition, pressure control, automatic shut-down valve and PLC control. It is designed to be ready whenever you need it. 

It complies with the latest EU biogas safety standard. 

FA III Continuous flare

Heavy duty

When the biogas production always exceed the consumption, FA III continuous flare can be used. It has a large enclosed structure suitable for non-stop combustion.

The flare is equipped with additional pilot burner, built-in ceramic fiber, more complicated injectors, and with many alternatives.

FA IV Landfill flare

High pressure, high temperature

FA IV Landfill Flare , or so called high pressure flare, is equipped with a biogas booster to increase the inlet pressure to i.e. 10Kpa .  Furthermore, the flare can be designed with skid-mounted type where the flare body, booster, piping, valves, instrument and control units can be pre-installed as a complete set.


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