Biogas holder

Standalone Double Membrane Gasholder

It consists of bottom membrane, inner membrane, and external membrane. The external membrane is always sustaining a positive pressure to maintain the shape and protecting the system against weather. The internal membrane is used for biogas storage. It floats up and down to ensure consistant gas supply. The bottom membrane seals the storage upon the foundation to ensure gas tightness. 

An over-pressure protection device (hydraulic safety valve) is provided to prevent over-pressure at emergency case. Antifreeze can be added to the water sealing for working during cold weather. 

Stainless steel rails and Hilti Anchors are used for fast and efficient installation. 

The whole system is designed to European biogas safety standard. 

Top-mounted Double Membrane Gasholder

Top-mounted gasholder is installed on the top of anaerobic digester. It can offer large storage space while reducing footprint. It can be quarter sphere or Hemisphere.

It is custimised to your tank dimension and pressure requirement. Due to the high engineering and customisation requirement, this product is manufactured in Austria.  

Steel Shell Membrane Gasholder

At certain circumstances, a steel tank with inner membrane gasholder is a more suitable solution. 

In this case, the biogas is contained in the inner membrane which prevents corrosion to the steel tank. the inner membrane moves up and down along a gas-tight guiding rail. Static pressure can be applied to maintain the biogas system pressure. 


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