Biogas holder acts as a buffer while stablising the gas system pressure. Due to the highly corrosive natural of biogas, a reliable and corrosion free biogas holder is essential to efficiency and safety.

ETS offers three types of biogas holders: 

  1. Standalone Double Membrane Gasholder;

  2. Top-mounted Double Membrane Gasholder;

  3. Steel Shell Membrane Gasholder


Biogas often contains Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), a notoriously corrosive and odourous gas. When biogas is burnt in the boiler or generator, H2S is oxidised into sulphuric acid, which significantly increases the maintenance cost or even cause permanent damage to the equipment. 

ETS offers three types of biogas desulphurisation system:

  1.  Dry desulphurisation with iron pellet or activated carbon;

  2. Paques Thiopaq system;

  3. Biological desulphurisation system. 


Methane is a strong greenhouse gas, therefore biogas, if not consumed by boiler or generator, needs to be burnt in a biogas flare.

For different applications, ETS offers three types of biogas flare:

  1. Emergency Flare (FA II) 

  2. Continuous Burning Flare (FA III)

  3. Landfill Gas Flare  (FA IV)


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